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Links to Legal Resources

These links will take you directly to FREE information pages about legal issues in California. BOOKMARK this page as a ‘favorite’

International Services

Service in any country or state at reasonable rates

Cal State Agencies

Connect to the website of any State agency in California

Calif Laws & Regs

Look up any California Code or Regulation by topic or Code Section

California Courts

Get in touch with California Courts in every county

American Bar Assn.

Direct link to the American Bar Association

S. F. Valley Bar Assn.

Direct link to the San Fernando Valley Bar Association

Court Opinions

California Supreme Court & Court of Appeals decisions last 60 days

Small Claims

File a Small Claims Court case and collect your money fast!

Zip Code Look-up

Quickly look up any Zip+4 ZIP CODE. It’s free from the Postal Service

Calif State Bar

Find an attorney in California by name or State Bar number

Expert Witness

Go to our Expert Witness Page

Legal Sources

Legal Sources


International Service of Process


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