Answering Some FAQs About Process Servers

Answering Some FAQs About Process Servers
July 1, 2021 process
Answering Some FAQs About Process Servers

If you are looking to serve legal documents to a defendant, you may have many questions about process servers and what they do. Process servers are licensed individuals who are familiar with the laws governing the process of service in their states and countries. In this article, we answer some of your FAQs about process servers.

How do Process Servers Track Down a Defendant?

The two places that a defendant is most likely to be found is their home and place of work. However, if they are aware that papers will be served to them, they may be deliberately evasive. Process servers can also track down defendants at a loved one’s home, or in a public place. In cases where a process server is unable to get hold of a defendant or their whereabouts remain unknown, they can be served via public notice, upon court order. A process server’s job includes thinking outside the box when it comes to serving papers to a defendant who’s actively avoiding them.

Do I Have to Let a Process Server into My House?

If you are aware that legal documents are being served to you, you may be expecting a process server to show up at your house. While process servers are not allowed to enter your property under false pretenses or without your consent, deliberately avoiding being served papers does not make the court case go away. In fact, if it has been established that you are being evasive purposely, further action may be taken against you.

Although a process server cannot force their way into your house, they are legally allowed to wait outside for you to emerge. It is in everyone’s best interests to acknowledge a process server and the legal documents they have with them.

Why is A Process Server Looking for Me?

There’s only one reason a process server can be looking for you: to serve you court papers. This is because someone has sued you, whether it is for divorce or any other matters. It is the process server’s duty not just to get the papers to you, but to ensure that you acknowledge them.

Why Choose Process Service Network for Process of Service?

If you need to serve legal documents to someone, Process Service Network can get the job done. We are headquartered in California, with offices in 7 countries, and can assist you with serving legal documents regardless of where in the country you are located. In limited jurisdictions, our licensed process servers can serve documents via email. This is on top of obtaining clear documentation that the defendant has acknowledged the service of process. As the only service processer who makes use of this system, we can also conduct process service by publication if a defendant remains unlocated or evasive.

If you would like more information about our services or to engage a process server, please do not hesitate to contact us today.


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