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We are THE worldwide leader in process service with an experienced international process server in every country and major city around the world. Our team of international process servers are fully trained and reliable to complete your assignment without excuses. We have been successfully, and professionally, serving our clients since 1978!


 There are two basic methods of service in most countries: 1) formal service by treaty (for example, The Hague Service Convention) or Letters Rogatory, and 2) informal service by private process server.* Please click on the specific country, province, territory, or city below for details and options. We can serve by international process server or appropriate treaty. Each process server has been fully trained and understands the laws of their country.

We also offer SERVICE BY PUBLICATION anywhere in the world!


We can serve in any of the countries listed below, plus some obscure nations not listed. Please scroll down and click on a specific area for details, rates, and service options. If you do not see the country, province, territory, or city you need, please call us at 800-417-7623.

In addition to all other legal documents, we also specialize in the international service of subpoenas (contact us for more information).

NOTICE:  Personal service in Middle East and Latin American countries is highly unlikely due to high security.  Most businesses and many residences have security guards who will deny access to the defendant.  You should obtain a court order, in advance, allowing for substituted service on an employee, household member, or security guard.  Such service is usual and customary in those countries affected.  An experienced international process server will know how to complete the service.



* Some courts require a Court Order prior to making an informal service by private international process server if the foreign country is a signer of the Hague Service Convention. Please check with your local court for specific rules.


If the defendant does not defend itself in the court of jurisdiction and a judgment is entered against it (and the defendant was served by an agent rather than through judicial assistance), generally it will not be possible to enforce the foreign judgment against the defendant in the foreign country through the foreign courts.


The Hague Service Convention is a multinational agreement which prescribes methods for transmitting judicial and extrajudicial documents for service abroad. Hague Service Convention countries include most of the world’s industrialized countries. Find out if a nation has filed reservations, declarations and qualifications to the treaty that affect either the requirements for service or prohibitions against service in that country, including the requirement of translations.

We typically ship formal service assignments that are being made pursuant to the Hague Service Convention via USPS Global Priority Mail.  However, optional expedited shipping is available through FedEx for an additional fee of $150.00.

What Every Attorney Should Know About International Process Service

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What we will need to get it served:

International Service of Process

  • 1. If sending via email: a PDF version of the service documents combined into one (1) file. If sending via FedEx, mail, or similar: three (3) copies of the documents to be served
    (Note: all 3 sets can be copies; original documents are not required, except for service to India – India requires one (1) original set.)

  • 2. A letter of instructions advising us the defendant’s name, service address, and requested method of service (i.e. formal or informal).
  • 3. Payment for the service fees in U.S. dollars (we will bill you for the translation costs, if translation is required).

Domestic (United States) Service of Process

  • If sending via email: a PDF version of the service documents combined into one (1) file.
  • If sending via FedEx, mail, or similar:two (2) copies of the documents to be served
    (Note: both sets can be copies; original documents are not required)

  • A letter of instructions advising us the defendant’s name and service address.
  • Payment for the service fees in U.S. dollars.

A note about copies: Service documents sent to us for service assignments are subject to a $.25/page copy fee for large files (100+ pages).

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