Expert Witness Process Service

We can provide an experienced Expert Witness Process Server on any issue related to process service (service of process), both domestic and international. Our in-house expert has over 39 years of experience and has testified in numerous court cases for both plaintiff and defendant. We are one of three known qualified expert witnesses on process service in the U.S. We take expert witness process service seriously and are here to assist with your case.

We are experienced in depositions, writing position papers, preparing declarations (affidavits), consulting on litigation matters, and trial testimony. The qualified expert witness has authored four (4) books on service of process and investigative issues and has written numerous articles for legal publications.

He is an Associate Member of the American Bar Association, Los Angeles County Bar Association, and Ventura County Bar Association. He founded Process Service University and the International Association of Process Servers.


Listed With The Technical Advisory Service For Attorneys (TASA) And More

We are listed with Technical Advisory Service for Attorneys (TASA), and the Los Angeles County Bar Association Experts & Consultants Westlaw, and HGExperts.

Our billing structure protects law firms from excessive charges normally associated with expert witnesses. For example, we do not charge for an initial consultation and telephone consultation prior to retainer unless it is related to the specific issues of the case. We do not charge for administrative matters such as making arrangements for deposition/trial or case administration. Our fees are well below industry averages.

We carefully insure that there is no conflict of interest in any case prior to accepting the assignment.

We provide a Memorandum of Understanding that clearly sets forth the terms and conditions of our agreement prior to accepting the case for initial review.

When you consider an expert witness process server, you want only the best.
    Our experts are available to travel to any location worldwide with minimal travel expenses.

Our scope of expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  • Industry standards for process servers
  • Related statutes and case law
  • Best practices for process servers
  • Forensic evidence analysis
  • Document review
  • Credibility assessment

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 Note: We’ve been in business since 1978, so we must be doing it right.