Hague Service of Process

The Hague Convention has made the process of serving legal documents between two countries that are already part of the treaty easier. Without a process service provider to back you up, the entire thing can be complicated, though. At Process Service Network, we have the right services to help you when it comes to handling document production procedures. Whether the document is judicial or extrajudicial in nature, we can be depended on to make things easier for our clients.

Introduction to the Hague Service of Process

The Hague service of process originated from the Hague Convention, an international treaty which started in 1965. It is a service of legal documents from one country to another using diplomatic channels and consulates. The Hague Convention works the same way as the Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act since it simplifies the process especially when legal documents need to be served between any two countries which have signed the treaty.

Among the countries included in the list are Albania, Argentina, Belize, Belgium, China, Denmark, Portugal, and the United Kingdom. One of the things that make the process popular to the countries that joined it is the faster processing time which only takes between two and four months. This is considered faster when compared to other alternative processes used by countries that are not part of the Hague Convention.

Hague Service of Process | What We Do

Below is a list of services that Process Service Network provides when it comes to Hague Service Of Process:

  • Arrange voluntary depositions in accordance to foreign laws
  • Track Hague requests via foreign court systems
  • Authenticate business and government documents
  • Negotiate with foreign judges whenever necessary
  • Qualify a counsel to vet Hague Requests to make sure that they comply with foreign law
  • Gather foreign discovery documents, and organize them thereafter
  • Give advice regarding anti-fishing policies and blocking statutes
  • Accurately translate Hague Request as the case may be
  • Arrange for videography and/or verbatim transcription
  • … and more!

Bear in mind that the Hague Convention applies only upon certain conditions. One is when there is a need to transmit a document abroad for service in a signatory country. It is also applicable when the address of the person or company to be served is already known. The document needed must be either commercial or civil, and can be judicial or extrajudicial in nature. At Process Service Network, we ensure that you will get the documents you need according to the applications of the Hague Convention.

Why Choose Process Service Network?

Process Service Network was founded in 1978, mainly as a process serving company within Los Angeles. Through word of mouth, our company’s undertakings became known to clients all over the country. We have worked with major law firms, US government agencies, attorney generals, and all others who need documents that are within the Hague service of process. To date, we are already recognized as a leader in international service of process and investigations.

If you have more questions about Hague Service Of Process and how our process servers can help, do not hesitate to contact us today.