Process Service Network is a full-service, international investigative firm with a 41-year track record of delivering first-class international investigations with results throughout the world. We specialize in locating persons in foreign countries.


Can’t find a Defendant who is avoiding service?  We will track him or her down using the most technological methods available.  We can find the person anywhere in the world.


We can also serve by email (in specific cases) and service by publication upon court order. Our affiliate company, Global Legal Notices LLC, will publish your legal notice anywhere in the world


We have offices in London, Manila, Taipei, Sao Paulo, Bangkok, Mumbai, and Doha, with agents available to conduct thorough investigations to the extent allowable by law.


Our offshore agents, many of whom are ex-law enforcement professionals, have the experience and resources that guarantees the best possible outcome for your investigation.


There is never a charge for our Free Consultation via phone or email.

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Note: We’ve been in business since 1978, so we must be doing it right. See our References page.


Specializing in INTERNATIONAL Investigations
International investigations are our specialty
with agents in every region of the world.
Reasonable flat rates for most assignments.  Fast results!

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