Litigation Consulting

Having a litigation consulting team to prepare a trial team before going into the courtroom. If you require litigation consulting, look no further than Process Service Network. A legal team usually has many different concepts for presenting a case. To develop the best approach for a case presentation, a litigation consulting team will do the necessary research and test different themes. Our team of professionals are highly experienced in litigation and can advise trial teams and litigants on a wide range of issues.

Introduction to Litigation Consulting

Litigation consulting is one of the fastest growing areas in legal consulting. It involves a wide range of services that help trial teams strengthen their cases and facilitate settlement negotiations. Be it commercial or civil, there are many types of cases that would benefit from receiving litigation consulting services. Litigation consulting professionals are able to calculate the economic damages and losses that result from lawsuits, disputes, and other claims. For matrimonial disputes, litigation consulting professionals can carry out analyses for matrimonial settlements and act as the mediator. In addition, litigation consulting teams also do asset valuations, tracing, and recovery, and monitor government contracts and construction projects. As opposed to an expert, litigation consultants provide advice to the litigant of various issues that can prepare them for trials and negotiations.

Litigation Consulting Services | What We Do

Below is a non-exhaustive list of services that Process Service Network provides for litigation consulting:

  • Design and deliver the trial and court presentation
  • Prepare a unified presentation
  • Evaluate documents
  • Trial technology consulting
  • Litigation graphics consulting
  • Jury consulting
  • Forecast juror attitudes
  • Development of visuals to be used in trial presentations
  • Adjunct to Counsel
  • Trial consultant
  • Serve as experienced witness
  • Advise the litigant on various issues, including case strategies, analyses, negotiation preparation
  • Serve as court-appointed experts, mediators, or triers of events
  • … and more!

You can trust the professionals at Process Service Network to provide comprehensive litigation consulting services that can help you achieve the best results in any case.

Why Choose Process Service Network?

Founded in the Los Angeles area, Process Service Network has been operating as a process servicing company since 1978. Since then, we have expanded to accommodate service requests worldwide and have become a leader in service of process and investigations. Here at Process Service Network, our main goal is to provide services of excellent quality at reasonable rates. We have served many notable clients, such as Tennessee Department of Children’s Services, Securities & Exchange Commission, Department of Commerce, United States Attorney General, and major law firms. You can trust our team of professional and experienced litigation consultants to come up with comprehensive assessments of your case and develop winning strategies for the best results.

If you have more questions about litigation consulting and how our process servers can help, do not hesitate to contact us today.