Non-Hague Service of Process

The 1965 Hague Convention made the process of transmitting judicial and extrajudicial documents between countries who are signatories of the treaty a whole lot easier. Things can be entirely different when what you need is a non-Hague service of process. In this case, a Letter Rogatory is necessary. As experts in process services dealing at an international scale, you no longer have to worry about this. Process Service Network understands your needs in this regard, whether you want to take evidence from reluctant witnesses or interpret in non-U.S. venues.

Introduction to Non-Hague Service of Process

The Hague Convention opened doors for faster facilitation of judicial and extra-judicial matters, whether civil or commercial in nature. However, this only covers countries who signed the treaty. For non-Hague service of process, what matters is having a letter rogatory. This is a formal request made by one country to another, addressed to appropriate judicial authorities in the country where request services for judicial documents are needed. These are transmitted using diplomatic local channels and are thereby received and executed based on the principles of reciprocity and comity. Process services make the entire procedure hassle-free.

Non-Hague Service of Process | What We Do

Below is a non-exhaustive list of services that Process Service Network provides for non-Hague service of process:

  • Make formal letter request for judicial assistance
  • Gather evidence based on the response of the other party
  • Provide translations wherever needed
  • Deal with court reporters and local interpreters
  • Gather and organize foreign discovery documents
  • Provide advice on anti-fishing policies and blocking statutes
  • Provide linguistic support throughout the litigation process
  • Arrange for videography and/or verbatim transcription
  • Authenticate business and government records
  • … and more!

Basically, incoming requests must be translated in English, and must include the address of the individual or parties to be served. Such requests are submitted by the foreign requesting authority who is in need of the service to the U.S. department of State. Outgoing requests, on the other hand, are sent pursuant to requirements of diplomatic channels. It can be sent directly by the competent authority that needs the service to the U.S. Department of state. Both letters of request do not need to be sent to Process Service Network. Our team generally takes charge of the letters rogatory, and not the aforementioned requests.

Why Choose Process Service Network?

Process Service Network started its business in the Los Angeles area when it was established in 1987. Back then, we offer lower rates when compared to our peers in the same business. With our outstanding reputation in providing international process services and investigation, we became popular in the country in a matter of three years. Now, we continue to formulate requests from clients, addressed to foreign courts. We also translate and authenticate legal certification and documents. Our clients can attest to the type of service that we render and how competitive our prices are.

If you have more questions about Non-Hague Service Of Process and how our process servers can help, do not hesitate to contact us today.