Skip Tracing Service

Skip tracing services make use of many different types of information resources to find people. These people may not want to be found or have a role or stake in a legal proceeding. Often, lawsuits and estate settlements involve using skip tracing services to find the people who are somehow involved. At Process Service Network, we understand the time crunch that legal teams face when working on cases. As such, we provide skip tracing services to quickly find the people whom you need to find in order to achieve the best results desired.

Introduction to Skip Tracing Services

Skip tracing services are used to locate people by finding their identification numbers, current addresses, workplaces, phone numbers, and other identifying information. Traditionally, it is very difficult to find somebody, especially if that person does not want to be found. This is because the information that is on hand about the person is usually very limited. However, with the help of technology today, it has become a much easier process when using the right tools. Public and private records search engines that run through records efficiently and provide real-time data are great resources in skip tracing.

Here at Process Service Network, we have access to many comprehensive databases, including U.S. addresses and phone numbers. Each of our skip tracing assignments is taken up by a human skip tracing specialist who is trained to use electronic databases and software. This increases the dedication in performing due diligence and improves the rate of success.

Skip Tracing Services | What We Do

Here is a non-exhaustive list of services that Process Service Network provides for skip tracing:

  • Locating persons for all civil litigation cases, such as estate heirs, witnesses, and defendants
  • Uncovering new information about the person
  • Search through real-time data on an extensive range of both public and private databases
  • … and more!

If you are having trouble finding somebody who is involved in a case, you can trust the professionals at Process Service Network to increase the chances of finding them as we have the best tools in place to contact the majority of adults in the country.

Why Choose Process Service Network?

Founded as a process serving company in the Los Angeles area, Process Service Network has since grown to become a global leader of the industry. With more than 40 years of experience, Process Service Network is known to be an excellent provider of process services at competitive rates. We have served many major law firms and other notable clients. With the help of our team of experienced skip tracing specialists, the chances of finding somebody is greatly increased.

If you have more questions about skip tracing services and how our process servers can help, do not hesitate to contact us today.